Our ultimate destination on this trip has been the Pacific Northwest.  It took us 5 months to get here.  Since we work from the road we can only travel on weekends and 200-250 miles is about all we can handle in a day. We also try to stay places long enough to be able to adventure around. We have seen some truly amazing things on the road but Oregon is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

We arrived in Gold Beach, Oregon after a scary/rainy drive on 199 through the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park and a short jog north on Hwy 101 on the Oregon coast.  We found Secret fairly easily despite the name.

The park is nestled away just off Hwy 101, next door to the Rogue River.  Hal, the owner and his late wife spent years landscaping and it shows. Everywhere you look there were blooming flowers and gorgeous foliage. Basically it felt like a rainforest here and I spent a lot of time looking at all the beauty surrounding me.  Hal even gave me a new plant baby, a sword fern.


The temperature was cool and moist the whole time and never got above 70 degrees. During the week while we worked we got to enjoy the lush gardens that surrounded us and discovered banana slugs, which are found in the Red Wood forest areas.


Our first adventure was a hike through an old growth forest near Brookings, Oregon, where we saw redwood trees, ferns and a small creek.


After our hike we headed back toward Gold Beach and stopped at a park along the coast for some beach adventures and tide pooling, we saw a live crab and a dead octopus.

After all these amazing adventures, on Sunday I was sick with a stomach bug.  I slept the entire day and night only waking up to drink water and eat a cracker, YUCK!  Nilly my sweet older dog was not feeling too hot either as one of her teeth had an abscess. Dental surgery was scheduled for Monday so I had to pull myself together. Poor girl had to stay the whole day and ended up having more than one tooth removed.  She is doing fine now and we soften her food for her since she doesn’t have many teeth left! We take care of her like we would a princess. ❤


We enjoyed our last week at Secret Camp and wanted to stay longer, but with the 4th of July weekend approaching they didn’t have room for us.  So we moved down to Ireland’s RV park which was basically on the beach. We were so happy to have such a short move and get to experience a beach site.

We made some really cool new friends here as well, we enjoyed some wine, played music together and got to know some interesting people. I think our smiles say it all.

We also tried our hand at some river and ocean fishing, unfortunately we didn’t catch a thing but enjoyed spending time outside trying, but as they say it is called fishing not catching.

We also spent a LOT of time combing the river banks and shoreline for agates, jade, cool rocks and driftwood, eventually when we land somewhere they will adorn our home garden.

Gold Beach is a small town, the only fast food place is a Subway and there are only two grocery stores.  According to the locals we talked to it is almost impossible to open a new business in town and they don’t really like outsiders moving to the area and I have to say that I don’t blame them, if I lived here I would want to keep it to myself too.  I did find a cute new hat for myself and a few other items at the local drug store which is also kind of a tourist store/home furnishings/wine shop.

I really didn’t want to leave but eventually I wanted to see more of Oregon, so we decided to head inland toward Bend, Eugene and Salem.

Stay tuned!


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