Overall this was a very comfortable park with really pleasant neighbors. Both Penny and Charlie let us know places close-by to go adventure to! Here is our spot, Clay liked it so much he even did a few workouts.

We also got free passes to the dirt track at the Siskiyou Fairgrounds next door. It was LOUD and it was an aggressive race! Loved it.

On Saturday we got to explore the area a little more and did a hike around Castle Lake, it was BEAUTIFUL and cold and we instead of rain we got sleet! Still snow at this elevation and rumours of Sasquatch were rampant! Apparently bigfoot was first seen near this lake at Happy Camp, California. Is that one in the photo? No, HA! Just Clay keeping warm.

We also went to McCloud River waterfalls near Mount Shasta.  Again, gorgeous and lush greens, a little chilly but only got rained on for 15 min.  We were both beat by the end of the day.

Next stop…Gold Beach, Oregon, stay tuned in!

Here is a picture of my niece Lena, missing her like crazy!!!!  ❤



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