Welcome to trees! Soooo many pine trees and cones and there is still SNOW in piles around the park.  Due to a heavier snow season, the park had to remove 40 huge trees. It was pretty amazing to watch as they used cranes and other large machinery to gently lay the beasts in the street.  Sad to see them taken down but the park smelled heavenly after the chipping! This park is right off Highway 80 about 30 minutes east of Reno and about 20 minutes north of Lake Tahoe.  It is gorgeous, the weather is pretty perfect and it is spring time. Below are some photos from the park we ended up staying two weeks at, instead of one.

Another AMAZING thing happened in Truckee, I got to see my old high school buddy DIANE!!!  She mentioned how it has been twenty years since the last time we saw each other, holy moly, let’s never let that happen again!

We took a hike around the Donner Family campsite/picnic area, which was nice and ironic! Nilly enjoyed the trail so much we did it twice.

Saturday we drove around the entire lake!  It took about 4 hours mostly because the speed limit never gets above 35 mph, half in California the other half in Nevada. We saw everything; beaches, snow on mountains, huge boulders, the lake with all its brilliant clear colors, casinos, rental places for bikes and kayaks and paddleboards, restaurants and bars, shopping, campgrounds, scenic lookouts, marinas and two different bays on the south end of the lake.  Amazing. Go here.

Then we went to the state park to have a look around, again, go here.

Well, we loved it.  Everyone has a bicycle here. We probably wouldn’t like it as much covered in snow but it is apparently pretty awesome then too with all the ski resorts! It definitely makes me consider Reno and the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe as a possible landing spot.  Did you know Tesla is building a Gigafactory in Reno? Me neither.  Did you know there is no income tax in Nevada and property taxes are based off 35% of your property value.

Also I got a new phone and changed over to Tmobile.  The phone is HUGE.


Stay tuned, next time, Yreka, CA….


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