This place was a hidden gem, in the middle of nowhere.  It also just so happens to be the location of the UTD Geosciences trailer and students come to study and write their theses. It is at the rhetorical end of the Furnace Creek Fault Zone, or FCFZ as they like to call it! Of all the schools and all the campgrounds in all the country we are at the same one!? In the middle of nowhere Nevada next to the White Mountain range in Fish Valley. Our site was nestled in large batch of cottonwood trees which smelled amazing and also acted as a wind barrier around the park.

My work has started to pick up and I changed to a gophone, so boy was I relieved that even though I had no cellular service the park had incredible wifi.  I am guessing with all the school activity getting good internet was important.  We only stayed here a week until our groceries ran out, mostly working.

On Saturday we planned on some adventure and drove through the White Mountains to the Bristlecone Pine Forest and the Inyo National Forest.  On our way up to the scenic lookout I actually had an “OH WOW” moment in the car.  The sky opened up and in the distance was a complete horizon of snow covered mountains.

We drove into Bishop then headed back to Dyer from the north.  The area is incredible and diverse, desert and mountains and valleys all in one little patch of the country. The next morning we packed up and headed to Truckee, CA, which is just west of Reno and just north of Lake Tahoe.

See you next time!




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