We wound up at Wine Ridge after a failed attempt at staying in Shoshone, CA at the south entrance to Death Valley.  Upon arrival at Shoshone RV park I noticed a sign reading “Absolutely No Cellular Service, Payphone available at gas station”. We stayed a night at the lovely park with the warm spring fed pool but early the next day I had to find us a new spot, with cellular so we could work.

The closest town for groceries was Pahrump, NV about twenty-five minutes northeast of Shoshone.  I looked at a few different parts before deciding on Wine Ridge. They had a very reasonable monthly rate, a heated pool and hot tub, pickle ball courts, free breakfasts, incredible views and was close to the town center.  We took spot 811 for the month, which had an incredible view of Mt. Charleston when we didn’t have neighbors across the road.

We came to the area specifically so that I could visit with my father who is visiting the states from the Philippines with his son, wife, mother in law and brother-in-law.  They planned to drive from L.A. to Las Vegas then on to Texas to visit with other family.  Luckily we were already in the area.  We rented a casita at the park for my family to stay a couple of nights and for us to be able to adventure into Death Valley together. Specifically we visited the Badwater Basin and Artist’s Palette drive.  Badwater Basin sits below 230ish feet below sea level and you can walk out into the basin which is surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

The Artist’s Palette drive was incredible. The most beautifully colored mountains, I was so impressed and felt bad that I had assumed there was nothing to see in Death Valley. The truth is that this whole area is pretty interesting and beautiful.

This was quite a reunion for my family since I haven’t seen my dad and his family for 9 years, since my last visit to the Philippines.  It was really great to eat so much Aurelio’s pizza, sightsee, play cards, and just to hug each other again.


Mt. Charleston, the Spring Mountains, Red Rock Canyon and even the Las Vegas strip were among some of the other great stops on way through the area.

We also made some really wonderful new friends at the park, people our age that wanted to change their lives too!  Hannah is a single girl traveling around with her dog Trixie.  She owns and operates a SEO optimization and more business.  Very impressive young woman, so glad to know her!  I also met Lynne, another kindred spirit. Our space was beautiful and so were the people, I couldn’t have asked for more from our stay in Pahrump.

Now we begin our northbound part of the journey to the Pacific Northwest, here we come Dyer, Nevada.



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