I found Lost Lake RV Resort during a frantic and random google search hoping to find a good spot to park after a long week in Arizona and failed attempt to stay at Lake Havasu, AZ. My expectations were low, I only hoped to find a reasonably priced place to stay until I could figure something else out.  We checked in and pulled up to a huge site with grass!

Upon further exploration we discovered the mighty Colorado river directly in front of us!  Behind us a stunning mountain view!  Birds, bunnies, fish and nature all around! We were some happy campers.

Soon after arrival I met Damon one of the very friendly security guards, after some conversation we started discussing how we had both lived in Hawaii and had even graduated from the same high school, 20 years apart. We were quick friends at that point. Slowly I started meeting the other staff that worked in the small general store along with Damon’s wife Alberta, who started a small ‘stitch and bitch’ group in the barn on Thursdays, which I attended with delight!  My current project is to complete a blanket my Aunt Cindy started 38 years ago.  I am thrilled to say that the end is in sight, as I have started to piece all the squares together.

As I met more of the regulars around the park I realized how incredible this place is.  Everyone I met had been coming here for years, some 20-30 years. It reminds me a lot of the summer home we had in Michigan when I was young, where everyone knows everyone. I also started playing dominoes with some of the ladies, specifically Mexican Train on Tuesdays with a $3 buy in.  I didn’t win but I sure had fun.  Also I walk two miles every morning with Pearl and Barb, two of my new friends.  With our move date coming up I have to admit I am a little sad and will miss this place and the people.

We have seen more nature here than anywhere!  I have personally seen a toad, hummingbirds, bunnies, quail, lizards, a huge owl, coots, mallards, kingfisher, small mouth bass, catfish, carp, a turtle, many other birds and a coyote! I even caught my first fish here, a smallmouth bass, which I released.

Clay and I rode our bikes down to the pond one evening to fish, didn’t catch anything but we did see an incredible sunset and the moon was full and shone down on the river.  It was a great day.

Clay also got his first chance to set up his telescope, which he got an amazing deal on in Arizona.  The sky here is very lovely and while there is some light from the campground there is nothing around for miles so it gets pretty dark at night.  We celebrated our 5 year anniversary as well and enjoyed some perfectly cooked filet mignon that I had bought and cookie cake.   Happy Anniversary Baby!  IMG_0785

Another highlight was that I found a hummingbird feeder, cleaned it and hung it up outside our rig, I have seen 5-10 feeding everyday!  Also the bunnies are too adorable.

Meanwhile back in Texas my niece and nephew are growing like weeds!!!  Lena is crawling and Alec looks almost like a teenager even though he is only 5!  SLOW DOWN sweethearts!

Speaking of sweethearts, Nilly and Sprout are both doing great, minus eating too much bunny poop!  Lil stinkers!

Thank you so much to everyone at Lost Lake, you have been amazing! Seriously! I know I am going to miss my walking buddies Pearl and Barb, playing dominoes, crafting and all the sweet friends I made at Lost Lake like Alberta and Damon.

Next stop, Tehachapi, CA where we are planning to stay at the Indian Hill Ranch & RV Resort, then will make our way up US Route 395 toward Lake Tahoe, into Northern CA and then into Oregon.  As always looking for MUST SEE recommendations…Comment if you got any!  XOXO



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