As we head toward the Pacific Northwest we have been looking for scenic places to stay as we travel through other states, in New Mexico the Caballo Lake RV park was a nice and inexpensive place for us to stop. Not to mention the view was pretty incredible.


This place was by the far the prettiest RV park in the area. The lake was walking distance and also the only thing to really do outside where we were.

The night sky here was amazing and probably the prettiest I have ever seen.  I could actually see all the stars twinkling.  Really incredible.

As you can see from the pictures my doggie backpack birthday present arrived and we got to try it out.  Nilly didn’t seem to mind it once we figured out how to get her inside it.

I did all my grocery shopping in Truth or Consequences which was the closest town to us, about 15-20 minutes north on the highway. The town actually used to be called Hot Springs before they changed the name in the 50’s, so there are several small hotels with hot spring mineral baths to soak in.  We had planned to visit one but ended up not making it.  Most of our time here was spent inside, Clay working and me looking for remote jobs and doing some freelancing. We did enjoy getting to know our neighbors at the daily happy hour, lots of really nice people.

We spent Valentine’s Day working on a battery in preparation for boondocking.  So romantic….???

Both of us were anxious to get back on the road and try out some boondocking on BLM land in Arizona, stayed tuned for that disaster in my next blog post.  🙂

Here are some pictures of my sweet niece and nephew, for your enjoyment.



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