This is probably one of the most out of the way places that we have stayed at so far.  The closest place to get real groceries and not convenient store stuff was a Walmart an hour away in Ft. Stockton. So stock up if you plan on staying here for any extended amount of time.  Balmorhea State Park has one of the largest spring fed pools, moving 15-24 millions of gallons of water a day!  It was pretty cool to see and fun to swim in.

The Davis mountains are nearby as well as the McDonald Observatory, one of the most non-light polluted places in the country, so the stars at night are absolutely incredible.  The Observatory does a star party on Tuesday and Friday nights, we went for my birthday, unfortunately it was a little cloudy but we still got to look at Venus and the Moon through telescopes and learned a little about the stars during a presentation. Clay bought be a book about the stories behind the stars as a birthday present. Since it was night time I didn’t get any photos but the drive through the mountains to get to the Observatory was very scenic.

At the campground we enjoyed visits from bunnies, roadrunners (which is good luck), as well as coots and other birds.  The spring fed pool is home to catfish and pupfish, which swim around you the whole time you swim in the pool, which can be a little alarming. Again the night sky and sunsets were pretty incredible.

The water stays at a constant 74-76 degrees year round, so there are always people swimming or scuba diving. Of course we had to take advantage of this!

We met a lot of travelers here, most only stayed a night or two before moving on. It was interesting to talk to some of them and they put the idea in our head that might not want to actually settle down anywhere and just continue RVing the rest of our lives….

Next stop….Caballo, New Mexico.


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