Leaving New Braunfels and my folks was sad but we were anxious to get back on the road! We headed west of San Antonio to Garner State Park for a two week stay.  The park ended up being more expensive than we had anticipated because their website was not correct, but we paid the extra money and enjoyed our visit.  Most of the park sites close for the winter months except for some of the 30 amp spots in specific camping areas. Sprouty was tired from our 2 hour drive.  Our new view!

We took hikes everyday on the trails with our little dogs.  We discovered very quickly that my old girl, Nilly, LOVES trail hiking! As soon as we got on a trail she got excited and hiked over fallen trees, rocks and in the river like a young pup!  It is such a blessing to be able to share this adventure with our cute lil guys!

We were still close enough to my folks that they came out for a day visit!  It was so nice to show them around and spend some more time together before heading further west.

The park itself was lovely and we got some great pictures. My one and only complaint about the park was that the water was not drinkable, it was yellow and had a terrible sulfur smell and taste.  We ended up having to buy water.

We took a steep hike up to the Crystal Cave, the hike was fun but the cave wasn’t that impressive and we didn’t see a single crystal.  I did get to use our new canteen that we got for Christmas.  Thanks Dennis!

We also spent some time basking in the sun the day before we left, lots of people were at the park on Saturday and the weather couldn’t have been much nicer. We also did some fishing and had a bonfire that night.

Overall we had a really nice stay at Garner State Park, we even met another full time couple traveling with their small children.  There are lots of birds at the park and we saw a flock of turkeys almost everyday. I also grabbed a small air plant to add to my collection.

NEXT STOP….Balmorhea State Park!


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