After Hot Springs we decided to head back to the DFW area to visit with my sister Robin and her little family for a few weeks.  Loyd park is right off Hwy 360 and Interstate 20 off of Joe Pool Lake.  We really enjoyed the spot and being so close to family.  My friends Calley and Amber both came and camped a few nights with us.  It was nice to visit and spend some time together. We also voted in the Presidential election while we were there.

My niece and nephew are ADORABLE.  It wasn’t warm everyday but we got lucky and Alec got to swim and play in the beach and playground a few times.  This was his first ever visit to a lake and beach.

We also had grilled some food and had a bonfire with s’mores and Eric came too!

I also went to visit them at their place and jumped on the trampoline for HOURS!!!

I got to go out dancing with my good friend Calley and she took me to an awesome mask making party at her friend’s house.  She ended up staying with us for two nights and I really enjoyed the company.  It can get a little lonely traveling and being away from friends and family.  Amber also came over with Bruno for a night of camping fun and I played my ukulele and we sang our hearts out most of the evening.  It got really cold that night and I was so happy to see them both alive the following morning.

We had such a good time!  I also got to shop for some outdoor gear we needed and got a sweet hammock! Laying on it with my dogs was amazing.

Next stop….Pampa, TX for Thanksgiving with Clay’s family….


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