We made our way toward Hot Springs, riding along the Texas and Oklahoma border. We chose a state highway instead of an interstate for most of the trip.  It was a bit sketchy and I prefer driving on larger roads. We also did quite a bit of night driving, which we try to avoid.  It was a long drive and takes us longer than most since we have our large RV and tow my car.  We had a hard time finding a place to pull over for the night but eventually we parked in Texarkana at a large visitor center/rest area. In the morning we made the additional 3 hour drive to Hot Springs and our new home for a few weeks. This was our first time staying in a RV park instead of a state park.  It was nice to have full hookups and cable since we hadn’t had those things before.  Below are some pictures of our view and our spot.

We were all very happy to be there and enjoyed walking the tree lined trails in the park.  Having full hookups meant we could also take long showers and not worry about dumping our tanks.

One of the things that stood out about Arkansas was all the trees.  Zillions of trees all changing in the fall weather. Most of the time it was sunny and warm.  Clay was able to bike some trails and we played a round of disc golf.

Hot Springs is located within Hot Springs National Park.  Their historic downtown area is focused around the bath houses that existed there and were visited by gangsters like Al Capone and baseball players such as Babe Ruth.  They visited the area for rest and relaxation and to rejuvenate in the natural hot springs and bathhouses.  The baseball players trained there by hiking in the woods directly adjacent to the downtown area.  This was really perfect because at one minute you can eat some lunch and shop, then cross the street to the woods for a nice stroll along the promenade.

There is a gangster museum in town and I read that Hot Springs was a safe place for them because of an agreed upon truce between the different members.

There are 6 springs that people can collect water from in town, I believe it was 4 hot and 2 cold.  After our disc golf game we tried to stop for some and were quite disappointed to have picked a spring with hot water, however we took it home and drank it on ice later.  We also got to enjoy some Chicago style pizza and watch one of the Cubs World Series games.

We also visited the Garvan Woodland Gardens with the dogs.  It was pretty pricey to get in but we all really enjoyed our walk and it was a nice treat since it was Halloween.

They had a really fun fairy community there was well.

We really enjoyed spending time in the area, it was beautiful, lots of things for us to do and the weather couldn’t have been more enjoyable. We will definitely be spending more time in Arkansas in the future, it is definitely a “natural state”.

Next stop is Grand Prairie, Texas for a visit with my sister and her kiddos.


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