Well we made it!  The drive from Grand Prairie to New Braunfels was a stressful one. The weather was great but midway through downtown Austin our jack lights and alarm started going off.  We were able to eventually pull off the freeway and jumped a curb before parking to correct the minor issue, we were lucky!  Once we arrived and began setting up camp we hit a snag when one of the slide lock arms broke and bent in the wrong way, shattering a mirror and leaving a hole in our laundry closet wall.  I am still looking for something to hang there and cover the awful holes. You can’t imagine how relieved I was to realize I had not broken our slide which would have cost thousands of dollars to fix.  Easy to remove and replace….WHEW!!!!!!!

We got to New Braunfels and Landa RV park a week prior to Christmas. Our spot sits right on the Comal river downtown and across from the Wurstfest buildings and Landa Park.

I spent my time wrapping presents, shopping and hanging out with all these cuties!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas and got to go to Blanco to enjoy Christmas eve with everyone there.

After that we spent our days playing and enjoying each others company until it was time for Robin and the kids to head back home.

Playing with Alec really wore Sprouty out!!!  I have never seen him sleep so hard!

img_9969Also I am absolutely spoiled having a HEB close by.  Their bakery knows what is up. Their powdered donuts are amazing and I have eaten my weight in them while being here.

The weather has been amazing  so we decided to stay through the first of the year and a little bit longer until we can decide where to go next.

New Year’s Eve was fun, Clay, my mom and I all went up to the wine bar where my step-dad works.  It is in the basement of a historic hotel in New Braunfels, it was a really great little bar, with comfortable couch seating, nude paintings on the way and a very 1920’s feel to it.  The picture didn’t quite turn out.  Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quite to our surprise on the first day of the year our campground was full of scuba divers! Apparently they hold a yearly meeting here and they dive the Comal. It was a lot of fun to watch them swimming around, at one point I even joked about all the traffic on the river with a paddle boarder!   There were at least 10 scuba divers that day! It turns out that the Comal river stays a constant 72 degrees year round.  It was so warm here over the next few days that we saw people swimming nearly every day! I even spent some time fishing for the first time with my trusty dog at my feet.

Unfortunately Clay’s grandpa passed on the weekend following New Year’s Even and he made the trek back home to help with funeral arrangements and the service.  I stayed behind to take care of the motor home and the dogs.  I completed some projects, started some news ones and got to spend time with my mom, aunt and step-dad.

I am so happy he gets back today!  We are very anxious for him to get home.

Stay tuned to find out where we will go next!!!!!!!!!!!!



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