There is literally barely anything in this town, except a state park with stunning views, hiking trails, bison and prairie dogs.  We decided to meet a friend and his son here while making our way toward Arkansas. I highly recommend checking out this park if you are in the area.  When we first arrived and explained that we would be staying awhile we were given the best spot in the park, in my opinion.  This was our view the entire time we stayed. img_9386Then our view improved as the bison began to come through our campground. Every single day a small pack of bison would come through our actual campsite. We saw large bulls, babies and teenagers.  They were incredible and beautiful to see everyday.  I was told by a friend that the buffalo or bison are a sign of abundance and tranquility.  Witnessing them in the wild was incredible.

I have an abundance of photos of them.  🙂

We also took a hike to the Fern Cave, don’t be like us and take the shortcut because while it may be shorter it is literally climbing in and out of canyons and does NOT feel shorter.  After this hike I decided to invest in some hiking shoes. Fern cave was pretty and we made it all the way there and back home without dying or being attacked by wild animals.

Then our good pal Nugget showed up with his son Wyatt and their dog Pickles. It was a special kind of weekend to get to enjoy the company of these guys.  They shared their dinner, gave us hugs and a cool fly killing salt gun and I got lots of adorable little boy hugs and attention.  I can’t wait to meet Sawyer, their newest edition to the family!  So sweet.

Eventually the flies and stickers got on our nerves and we decided to depart. Here are some other photos from this time frame.

Next stop……Hot Springs, Arkansas!


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