As with any adventure, plans can change quickly.  After spending two months preparing we were eager to hit the road. Reservations had been made and we planned to leave, until one of our jacks wouldn’t go up all the way, our door handle broke, and we lost our deadbolt while driving to Bill’s Custom Campers.  It took us a week to fix the door, the lock and make the decision to manually correct the jack when we needed to, instead of getting it fixed immediately. We cancelled our reservations and worked on our new plan. It was hard to decide if we should stay close to home base or venture out toward Colorado as originally planned.

We decided that Trinidad Lake State Park would only be a 4-6 hour drive and was close enough and still had us headed to our previously planned destination of Denver.  We had hoped to be in Denver sooner to help celebrate one of Clay’s friend’s birthdays, sorry we couldn’t make it Nikolay we will have to have a belated celebration instead!

Finally it was time to leave, or was it? We had not made any reservations at Trinidad Lake just in case we were unable to take off.  We had some trouble that morning with one of the rear tires, eventually we were able to air it up and it was TIME TO GO.  We left around 1-2 in the afternoon and pulled into the campground at dark. The darkest night I have ever seen, absolutely no moon. I am still impressed that we were able to find a spot and back our rig into the sight with little difficulty.  Spot #32.

It was gorgeous there and we couldn’t be much happier about it all.  The weather was sunny and in the 60-70s during the day and at night it was chilly with it getting down to freezing one night. We were conveniently parked in the sunshine so we warmed up pretty quick and used a space heater or the furnace to warm us up.  So far we have slept without any heat and our duvet has kept us warm and toasty. Getting out of bed was another story, BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We wake up, make coffee and take the dogs for their morning walks.  Everyone enjoys the fresh crisp morning air and the birds, bunnies and other campers are usually bouncing around then as well.  The community bathrooms are a popular destination and most everyone has at least one dog.  So far we are the youngest of any of the campers we have seen.  It is interesting to watch the ebb and flow of different people, trailers and motorhomes. It seems that we stayed the longest of any of our neighbors.

Clay and I are still in awe of this great adventure. It is quite surreal to imagine that this is going to be our daily life. Going on hikes, enjoying amazing views and meeting up with our friends and family in locations all across the country.  It is basically a vacation that we never go home from because it IS our home.  We basically can’t stop smiling.

Living in a motorhome is a bit tricky. Everything has to be put away immediately and that is definitely not one of my strong suites. We are basically living in a tiny home so making the best use of our space is critical.  Dirty clothes go in our hamper, dirty dishes get cleaned immediately, everything that is taken out needs to be put away and have a designated home.  I can see these things becoming routine in my day and I like the idea of learning to be more purposeful with my time as well as being conscious of and managing our resources better.

We are self-contained meaning we could dry camp or boondock as it is commonly referred to in the camping world. We have a fresh water, grey water and black tanks as well as a water heater. We have a generator, propane or LP tank, and many batteries for electricity. We have indicators for all water levels, switches to enable to water heater, pumps to run all of our water lines, flushing toilet and shower/tub combo. Fear of running out of resources really keeps you focused on your usage.  I am so much more conscious about using less dishes, so that I use less water to wash them.  Always turning the water off when I brush my teeth or when I lather my hair in the shower.  We are still figuring out our propane usage but so far I have cooked several meals, used the furnace for a few hours in the mornings, used the water heater and still have barely consumed a quarter of our tank.

Trinidad Lake State Park is pretty nice. There are plenty of things to do in the area including; hiking and biking trails with scenic views, an archery field, fishing and boating plus it is just a 5-7 minute drive into town.  Trinidad is a small town with a cute historic downtown area as it was once part of the Santa Fe Trail.  I was told that the area is known for being friendly to transsexuals and that there is a place close by that does sex change surgeries.  We were able to attend the last local Farmer’s Market where I found some purple bell peppers and small white eggplants that I have never seen before. We took a cruise in the car up to Cuchara mountain range to get a better look at the Spanish Peaks and San Isabell National Forest.  It was stunning and we also drove past a town called Stonewall which as the name implies had an incredible stone wall.

Now we are about 45 minutes north of Denver to stay 6 days at St. Vrain State Park in Longmont, CO. We will stay until the 15th when the park winterizes and closes a lot of its sites.  We have a great view of the Rocky Mountains it is an amazing golden fall here.

After this week we will head south for the winter.  Our current plans are to meet with another friend of Clay’s at Caprock Canyon, just south of Amarillo for a week. Then moving south again to the DFW area to visit with my sister and her sweet family for a week and possibly go out for a Halloween party in Dallas.

My best guess is that we will stay in North Texas since we will return to Pampa/Amarillo area for Thanksgiving then head south for Christmas in New Braunfels with my family.  Please feel free to drop any advice on must-see places that would be close enough for us to travel to while we stay more south and near to Texas.

My apologies for the lack of editing this time. Usually my mom helps me with it but I was in a hurry to post before I have to make everything about where we are into past tense!

Also for your enjoyment, more photos!!!!



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