As you may know, we are staying at Clay’s parents’ house while we work on our new home.  They left for a month-long family vacation down in Destin, FL, with some other stops on the way. It works out really well for everyone that we are here because we can watch their dogs and help take care of Clay’s elderly grandparents. I have also enjoyed taking care of the yard by watering plants.  Spending time with his folks has been nice too. They have such high energy, and that really helped keep me on task.  While they were gone I found myself spending too much time watching the Olympics and crocheting.

I did manage to start and finish my quilt top.  I used a nature theme for the colors and prints, with blue for water, gold for sun, brown for earth, and green for plants.  One fabric has butterflies to represent all the critters in nature. I cut all the pieces and sewed them into long strips that also had to be sewn together laterally to form the final top.


Finally I was able to do the deep cleaning I had wanted to do. I cleaned the ceiling, vacuumed and cleaned the cabinets inside and out, polished/sealed the woodwork, vacuumed the floors, cleaned the windows, cleaned or replaced all air filters and vent screens, lined the cabinet shelves with paper, put the driver and passenger chairs back in position, made curtains for all the windows, got a mattress pad and sheets for the bed, filled the place with all our stored household goods, and decorated.

To check the rig’s working parts and find what other work we needed to do, which was not much, we took the RV into Amarillo for an oil change and overall check. The awning we thought was broken isn’t completely wasted, so we can still use it, and we lubricated the slide out so it doesn’t make a horrible noise anymore.

Recently we figured out how to work all of our water tanks and recalibrated them to show the correct levels. We now know how to fill, how to empty and when to do those things! Also I got  underneath storage a little more organized.

We also took a weekend trip as a test. What a mess that was. First, I reserved a spot at a park that was NOT where we were staying! Second, the pad we parked on wasn’t level so we couldn’t use the slide out since we didn’t have the proper leveling tools, like blocks and jack pads with us. But we did get to test the toilet, sinks, a/c, oven and microwave, plus we used the fridge and freezer for the first time. We had a lovely view of Lake Fryer and it was a really nice time, even though we weren’t totally prepared.

Today Clay will mop the roof and apply a protective sealant.  I also need to finish a couple more items that we are making, one to extend our bed and make room for our dogs, and another to erect a shelf above and behind the couch for them to sit on so they can look out the window.  I finished the pvc pipe raised dog beds for Sprout and Nilly to use when we are outside finally.  Unfortunately Nilly had a bit of a stomach bug, after an emergency vet visit she seems much better and everyone is relieved, even her, notice her relaxed poses below.

I hope that in a few days we will be able to start making our way to Denver to visit a friend of Clay’s for his birthday and stay for a week or two. I have to start planning places to stay, and THAT is exciting!

For your viewing pleasure here are a bunch of other photos that you might enjoy, mostly of my adorable family that loves me and shares their day via text.  So sweet!






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