Things are progressing nicely with our renovations.  The bedroom walls are finally sanded, primed and painted. I also painted the bathroom, directly on the wallpaper. I picked two colors, Pearly White for the bathroom and bedroom, and Respite Blue for a large accent wall in the bedroom.  I am really happy with the color and the coverage and proud of myself for not getting paint everywhere. I have one spot in the bathroom I need to re-paint. My next post will have a photo of the bathroom paint job.

We installed our new flooring. I ripped the carpet, padding and staples off the floors. Clay, his step-dad, and a neighbor removed both the driver and passenger seats in the front cab area to pull up the carpet there.

A family friend, Joe, helped us to complete the flooring and while he claims to not be a professional, our floor looks amazing and I am so grateful for his help. We had some water damage under the driver’s seat and had to cut a section out and replace the plywood. We decided to leave the carpet on the slide out for now, it will get a good cleaning and maybe down the road we will replace that as well. It really changed the look of our new home.

I am thrilled because now I get to start heavy duty cleaning.  I’ve wanted to do it ever since we hit the road, but it didn’t make sense with all the demo/construction we’ve been doing.  Everything, even the walls, will get a good scrub and I’ll use a natural polish/sealer on all the woodwork.

I have plenty of other projects on my list that I am getting started on.


Raised Dog Beds – One for each of my pups so they don’t have to sit outside in the dirt with ants and other bugs. I hope they can stay somewhat cool and clean by using them.   There are many ways to make these. I bought PVC pipes and corner pieces, and two pillow cases that I will use for my fabric.  You can screw the fabric into the PVC but I prefer sewing it as shown above so I can take them apart and wash the fabric when I need to.

Day and Night Shades–We found shades that came with the motor home and apparently have never been used, since they were still in the original packaging.  After taking a better look and not having much luck with installation we probably will go with thermal insulated curtains instead.  I have found quite a few nice ones and can cut the panels to make the sizes I need.


Quilt–Clay’s mom, a professional quilter with an amazing fabric stash, told me I could use whatever of her fabric I wanted, to make curtains or a quilt top for our bed.  I’ve shopped for bedding, and though I’ve seen some beautiful things, there is nothing like handmade items, and I want to make a quilt!  I am so excited. I picked out a few fabrics that I like and put each one up against a window to see what I could use for the bedroom and for the living area.  It’s hard to choose! I have permission to use her sewing room and all of her tools as well.  I feel incredibly lucky and I love looking at all of her fabrics.  These are some ideas below, but nothing is decided because there are too many options!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My inspiration for the quilt… long panels. quilt inspiration

I tested our pull-out table after I found some extra leaves to extend it.  Also tested the couch bed, which is horribly uncomfortable, as I expected.

The weather here has been lovely, raining a little and staying cool in the mornings and evenings.  The sky is very large up here so we enjoyed our drive to Fritch for a birthday dinner with Clay’s other parents Jana and JD.   We told them about our RV work and they told us all about the new condo they just bought in Pagosa Springs, CO.

Sprout and Nilly are doing well and cute as ever.  They get along with Clay’s parents’ dogs for the most part. Nilly isn’t fazed but I think Sprout might be a little intimidated by Maggie, the St. Bernard.

Staying motivated is a lot easier when I get pictures of my niece and nephew. I can’t wait to show them our new home and take them on adventures with us.  Lena is getting bigger every day, and Alec is maturing and getting used to being a big brother.  Thank you, Robin, for keeping me updated with photos and videos. They make my heart smile and keep me working to get things done quickly.

Thanks for reading, everyone, and feel free to ask any questions or share comments. I am never quite sure how much detail to include about my projects. If you want more information I am more than happy to share.

Sorry it has taken me so long to post. Clay has been building me a new blog, but I haven’t figured out how to post to it yet, once I make the transition you guys will be the first to know.  Next blog post should be about fabric, cleaning, polishing, trim, and a bunch of other stuff.






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