Clay and I have been in Pampa, Texas, for a little over a week and have begun renovations. We went through all our boxes of stuff, storing furniture and items we know we won’t need again until we settle down.  We don’t know how much will fit in our new home, but our cabinets are pretty deep inside and we have lots of storage outside underneath the vehicle as well.
A lot of my renovation plans have changed as I’ve been working on them. The first major issue is that we won’t be able to convert the bed into a king size.  The night stands would be extremely difficult to remove, and the mattress probably won’t fit in the doorway to the bedroom. We also would have to rebuild the base of the bed, which is a storage area. Mostly I’ve accepted that we’ll only have a queen size bed.  It wouldn’t be an issue if our dogs didn’t sleep with us. I’m hoping I can figure out a way to add some kind of contraption to extend the bed and make room for them on the sides or at the foot. We shall see. I need to think about it. The good news is that we get to shop for new bedding!

FullSizeRender (6)

I was also planning to paint over the wallpaper in the whole rig.  The living room wallpaper, however, is in good shape and the color is not as bad as I thought– a white with some shimmer to it.  I call it wallpaper but it’s actually luan board, an underlayment with a wallpaper covering, and basically it’s installed before everything else, so getting it out of the inside of cabinets and the tight areas is a pain. I managed to get the wallpaper off the walls in the bedroom and plan to paint the wall opposite the mirror a country blue and the other walls white.  I’ve seen some beautiful examples of this color pallet and think it will go well with our honey oak colored woodwork.

Then I attempted to do the same thing in the bathroom. I even tried using a steamer, which didn’t help. After removing only a small section over the course of a whole day, I think I will end up painting the wallpaper in there. A creamy pearlescent color would show off the natural light that comes in through the shower skylight.

Clay too has been working on the motor home. He removed the huge television and its box that were overhead in the very front of the driving area.  He also managed to dismantle the huge old broken green recliner into three pieces and take it out. We will use one of our old lightweight chairs in that spot by the large window in the front.

We even had time for a walk around a small local pond, which Nilly must have enjoyed, since she jogged nearly the whole way.  It was beautiful and 84 degrees with a cool breeze. She got a sticker in her paw but I got it out and we continued at our brisk pace.

Time for the moment you all have been waiting for, or maybe it’s just Robin who is,– the FLOORING.  We chose the style called Harrison, in the upper left hand corner and the example room photo below.

We’ve been researching flooring options all month and found two blog posts where people installed new floors in their Dutch Star motor homes successfully, using Home Depot’s Traffic Master Allure floating plank laminate floors.  Most of them have a wood look, but we have a lot of wood cabinetry and other accents and don’t want to add more wood. Plus, matching the color would have been a pain.  We decided to go with more of a slate or concrete-looking floor. Our cabinets are all about the same color as in the photo, which will look good against our white wallpaper in the living room area. I think it will also look nice with our green-leather driver and passenger chairs.
We also recently found a locally owned cupcake place down the street called Sugar Junkie. So far we’ve tried the coconut, key lime pie, and strawberry lemonade, which were fabulous. Apparently they are also well known for their breakfast burritos, coffee and teas. I hope to talk about her small business to the woman who seems to own the place. I am staying very busy, but miss my family and friends. Maybe I can make a new friend tomorrow.

Stay tuned because next week I’ll talk about sanding, priming and painting, and also share my ideas for curtains and bedding.


2 thoughts on “Renovations

  1. You are so much like your mother. She will enjoy seeing this blog. Everything you have done to your new home is great! It must be exciting to see things come together for this journey. Don’t worry about having more people to interact with. I am positive that as you go along and people find out what you are doing they will want to hear and talk about the places you have been and people you have met. Ahhhh…the open road! Enjoy the ride!

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