After purchasing the RV our life got pretty hectic.

I ended up having to serve on jury duty for 8 days on a medical malpractice case. While the trial was interesting to observe, the deliberation with 11 other people was terrible and I felt very overwhelmed about having to be one of the decision makers. Luckily we were able to give our best verdict and awarded damages Friday before the 4th of July.

Unfortunately the trial was during my last two weeks at work, however I was able to work the last two days and have a going away lunch with my boss. I am really going to miss her.  If you need a divorce attorney, I highly recommend her, Alexandra Geczi.

On the 12th of July my niece Lena Lynn was born. I got to spend two days watching my nephew while my sister Robin had the baby and recovered in the hospital. It was a wonderful bonding moment for me and Alec. My mom drove up from New Braunfels just in time to be there for delivery and Eric (the daddy) made it in time as well.  It was a very sad time as well since we all knew that soon I would be leaving on my adventure, however we will still be in the area often in beautiful outdoor locations and are eager to have family visitors and take trips together.


We packed, sold things, gave things away, and loaded up all our stuff onto Clay’s parent’s trailer on Monday morning to send our belongings a few days ahead of us to Pampa, TX just outside of Amarillo. His parents are troopers and have helped us out in SO many ways.

Finally on Wednesday July 20th, we went to pick up our RV in Cleburne.  After buying it we left it there to have some service items completed; scraping and resealing the roof and replacing the material on our slide out awning.  It was ready much sooner than we were but they didn’t seem too annoyed that we left it there an additional two weeks, thank goodness, since we didn’t really have a convenient place to store it.  It was very exciting to see our baby again and know that our adventure was starting.


We were both nervous about picking it up because frankly we are new to driving a Class A motorhome. Clay and I have only done it once, on our test drive.  We had hoped to pick it up and get into Dallas to load up before rush hour, unfortunately we were on I-30 Eastbound at 5:30pm.  Things got a little dicey at one point and Clay was too far to the right and took off the passenger side mirror on a cement post of an underpass, oops!!! Missing a side mirror definitely made our traveling a little sketchy. However I stayed on speaker phone with Clay while I followed behind in my car, watching and letting him know if he was staying in his lanes, that it was ok to get over in the right hand lane, etc. In transit my car’s tire pressure gauge started beeping and sure enough I had driven over a screw.  I had just had a screw in another tire the week before and had to get a new tire, luckily this one didn’t puncture it so I got it back from Firestone pretty quickly and at no charge. We were able to move all our remaining boxes using the car to take them downstairs to the motorhome.

Finally at almost 10 pm, after doing the final cleaning of our old apartment we were ready to hit the road.  I packed up the dogs and the few small plants I kept and off we went.  We took a final drive down Henderson Ave and then headed up I-35 to Pampa, TX, just outside of Amarillo, TX.  The drive took about 6-7 hours and we arrived at around 5 a.m., where Clay’s parents woke up to the sound of our diesel engine right outside their bedroom window.  After a 22 hour day we were exhausted and so thankful to have a bed.  We didn’t exactly have the best plan for packing and it took much longer than we anticipated, Clay reminded me of a quote that fit our situation, “If you are going to be stupid, you better be tough”, we were tough on that day.

The next morning I took a look and we had basically massacred a zillion bugs on our night drive, my first job was to clean them off.

We will be living and working on the RV at Clay’s parent’s house, where they have a large parking area and we are able to plug into their electricity and have an enormous garage where they will store some of our belongings and have tools to help with our remodel.


They have been BEYOND helpful and so hospitable to me, Clay and our little dogs. Everyone is excited to be here and have such a lovely yard to play in.  I finally finished unloading the RV and then re-loaded up the bottom compartments with boxes of stuff that we will pack in once the renovations are complete.  It is quite amusing since we got a majority of our boxes at our local liquor store, so all of our stuff looks like boxes of booze.

We also have doggy friends to keep us company, Maggie the St. Bernard and little Lex.

One of the things I was worried about was the weather, while it has been in the 100’s everyday it is more of a dry heat and I am tolerating it pretty well for the most part.  Sitting in the shade has been very comfortable and there is always a nice breeze.  The backyard is really lovely with green grass, beautiful plants and furniture and it is a bird’s paradise with several larger feeders and 3 bird baths.  Sitting outside drinking coffee has been incredible and gets me even more excited for the outside views we are going to have as we travel.  We have been cooped up in apartments for too long.  They have a large home and we have a huge room to stay in, a large soaking tub, a king size bed, and lots of space to go through boxes inside instead of sweating out in the garage.  His parents have made us lunch and dinner and even grabbed some essentials at the store for us.  I feel so lucky to have their help.

We won’t start the work on the RV until we go through our stuff on his parent’s trailer and either store it in the garage or set it aside for later when we decide what we will be able to fit in our new home. Then we will tear out the carpet and with help of our family friend Joe will put in new flooring. I am not sure what else I will do for sure except for changing out all the curtains and trying to convert the bedroom to hold our king sized bed.  Clay’s mom is a professional quilter and has offered to help with curtains.  She is so talented and their house is decorated with her amazing work.

We have so much to do but I feel so relaxed. I finally get to focus solely on getting us on the road and that is pretty awesome.  After a month of working in the heat we are contemplating heading into Colorado and New Mexico mountains, beautiful but still close enough to get home quickly if we need to.  We are still VERY new to this lifestyle and our complicated RV, so we want to make sure we are prepared for anything.  After that we will return to Texas for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as most of the winter, traveling around exploring more of the state.

The dogs are handling all the changes well, for the most part. We had our final vet visit on the morning before we left and we are finally on the right dosage with the insulin for Nilly. Stocking up on enough supplies to last us awhile was pretty expensive but they are so worth it.  I am so excited to be on this adventure with them.


Thank you so much to everyone that helped us by taking my plants, buying and picking up my furniture, throwing me a going away party, last minute goodbye dinners, and everything else.  I love you and will miss you all and am so glad that I get to share this amazing adventure with you!

Stay tuned!





2 thoughts on “Hittin’ the dirt

  1. Oh. My. Gosh!!!!!!! What a whirlwind!!!!!! I’m kind of in shock you’re gone. These beautifully written blogs will help ease my missing you. <3. Stay safe and strong little lady! PS tell clay that's a great quote.

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