WE GOT IT!  We bought the RV with the mural today!

PPL Motorhomes in Cleburne, TX did an overall check of everything and only two minor issues were found and corrected. We went through the whole rig with them, going over all the ins and outs of the working parts. We looked at all the storage and did a tutorial on how to maintain all the systems AND got to take it for a test drive, the whole process took almost the whole day.  It was a lot easier to drive than we thought and taking our sales guy Tom Yancey on the road with us was a real treat, he looked very comfortable considering a couple of newbies were at the wheel.  We are both satisfied with our choice and glad we ended up sticking with a diesel and only one slide.  It was a very smooth ride with a great view, but the turns are tricky and the brake needs more push than I am used to.

Another good surprise was getting to see the book that the owner kept from the time that he bought the rig new.  He recorded every gas fill up, service and maintenance that they did, and where they traveled with dates.  We are going to continue the travel log of course and bought ourselves some trucker hats.

FullSizeRender (4)

I am so thankful to have Clay at the wheel for this whole process while I have been on jury duty all week. He handled insurance, storage, and financing.  He was smiling so big all day and it was great to see the excitement on his face.

Our plan was to store it nearby but we decided to do some repairs before taking it home with us. We need a scrape and seal of the roof and one of the awnings over the slides needs new fabric.  Luckily they said it would take at least two weeks because they have been busy which actually works out great because we can keep it on their lot, instead of paying for parking rent somewhere.

Our lease is up on July 22 and we plan to hit the road and head to Clay’s folk’s place near Amarillo where we will have some room to do some of the interior renovations like replacing the carpet with tile, painting the walls, converting the bed to fit our king size mattress, sewing new curtains, possible replacing the couch and removing the recliner near the window since it seems to be on its last leg. Seems like a lot of hard work and I can hardly wait to start and make it feel like our home. The countdown has begun, we will be on the road in less than a month, it still seems a little surreal.

My sister is due to give birth to my niece around the middle of July. I am so glad that I will still be here to help her with that in anyway that I can and be able to meet her before we start our adventure. It is going to be hard to be away but the good thing about a motorhome is that we can travel to see our families and hopefully have more memorable experiences. I can’t wait to honk the airhorn at my nephew Alec and watching him test out the driver’s seat and explore the rest of the rig. It will also be a lot more comfortable for family trips to see grandmother as well with lots of room for our family to travel.

I think we will end up trying to travel with the weather but we have not decided on exact plans yet. Luckily there a LOT of people that travel the country and there are so many helpful websites, blogs, instructional and educational videos out there. I have also heard that full time RVer’s are very kind and helpful and care about their communities. I have found some awesome tips about RVing with dogs, Rv campsite review websites, public land camping and free locations to park, and all kinds of amazing videos about how to replacing flooring and painting the walls and of course all kinds of lists like the “10 things I wish I’d known before RVing“.

I feel so fortunate that this dream chose me and Clay and we have decided to follow it and share it with my friends and family. Please let me know if I am leaving out details that you are interested in knowing about.  I haven’t figured out if people are able to comment on my posts, so if you are able please say hello or something as a test.




5 thoughts on “It’s OURS.

  1. Brandy and Clay, congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you! You did the right thing to take your time to find the right vehicle. Your uncle always keeps great records and repair of all vehicles and we always get top money for them when we are ready to sell. Buying a well maintained vehicle is so important. Good work you two!! I look forward to reading your blog and experiences as you travel this country. Be sure to vote absentee in November. This election is too important to miss. I know you will. You are so on top of it all and ready to go! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Brandy, I hope you have the best adventure and that the weather is perfect wherever you go. You are ready for so much fun. I hope to follow your adventures and maybe imitate your treks.


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