In true Brandy fashion, I procrastinated starting this blog.  I guess I was never really sure until now that our adventure was going to happen.  I want to give some back story but I think that will have to have to be another post at another time.

Today after months of talking, shopping and looking at motorhomes we finally put an offer in on one.   We walked into the dealership this morning intending to make an offer on another model and wound up changing our minds when we saw this beauty.  The main difference is that it is a diesel pusher motorhome.  We hope to find out soon whether they accept our offer, then the rest of the process will begin like doing an overall check on the entire vehicle to make sure certain items work and do any repairs that might need to be done.

2001 Newmar Dutch Star

It is 38 feet long with a single living room and kitchen area slide out. The top will probably be need to be resealed.  The paint it still in decent shape and I think the mural is charming. We have joked about adding photos of ourselves to the mural, Clay riding the eagle and I will be swimming in the pond.  The awning above the slide will also need to be replaced.


There’s Clay testing out the driver’s seat!  He looks pretty happy, don’t you think?

Here is the front door.


This kitchen is about average in size as far as motorhomes go, the cabinets are in good shape and don’t need any work. However if you know me, you know I am already hatching ideas on how to make this my own space…if we get it.


One major renovation we would do is the flooring. That carpet would have to go. Yes, I have already been pinterest hunting on ideas.  Also thinking about new curtains and possible slip cover for the couch. We love that this model had this awesome desk area already inside, which will be perfect for us to be able to work from. It actually opens into a t-shaped table as well.


Then there is also this lovely large window behind the passenger seat and next to the kitchen.  The recliner is junky and can be easily moved.  The color is a bit off because the photo I took was too dark, so I adjusted the light.

FullSizeRender (2)

Washer/Dryer and storage off the living room.


Surprisingly the bathroom has a small tub, which will be good for washing the dogs. Plus the model carries about 150 gallons of fresh water, which is good.


The bedroom is  pretty nice for not having a slide out. It has a ceiling fan, large closets in the back and while it currently has a queen sized bed there is actually enough room for a king bed, which was definitely on our wish list since we recently purchased an amazing new mattress about a year ago.

I hope our offer gets accepted or we can at least settle on a reasonable counter offer. Looking at all the options has been a lot of fun.  It can be hard though because there are some tradeoffs in different models.  Overall I think with a little work we can get it feeling like a home in no time.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.  And hey! I started the blog.


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